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Lee County Middle School East Campus has an active and involved PTO program. We invite all parents to become members for only $5 per family. All money raised goes directly to the LCMS East Campus to help enhance our students’ learning experience. The biggest fundraiser of the year is our Fall Fundraiser during the months of September and October. Parent volunteers also help to raise thousands of dollars for LCMS-E throughout the year.  In recent years, PTO funds have been devoted to assisting with expanding available technology for student use at LCMS East Campus.  PTO sponsors and volunteers at several student and teacher events such as:

Winter and Spring Dances

Homecoming Week

Spirit week

Red Ribbon Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Veteran’s Day program

Field Days

Spring Extravaganza

PTO board meetings are held on a monthly basis. Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering at any of the events mentioned above or becoming a PTO board member. We would love your help! Let’s help LCMS East Campus continue to be one of the best middle schools in Georgia!  Contact PTO President for questions or to volunteer!