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Dress Code

All students at LCMS East Campus are expected to select a mode of dress that is appropriate for school activities. Students are prohibited from wearing any type of apparel which distracts from the educational environment. When students are required to change clothes to attend school, a parent will be called. The expectations include:

  1. No hats, bandannas/headbands, or sunglasses.
  2. No clothing with any reference to drugs, sex, alcohol, gangs, violence, or profanity.
  3. No tank tops, halter-tops, tube tops, or tops that reveal parts of the midriff. Sleeveless shirts or dresses must cover the majority of the shoulder and be non-revealing in the chest area. Undershirts that can be seen through sheer shirts must also follow this dress code.
  4. No body piercing (Ex. tongue, eyebrow, nose, navel, lip).
  5. No clothes/jeans with tears or holes in inappropriate areas. This must follow the fingertip test. Holes and tears should not be above the wearer’s longest finger when the arms are held properly by the side.
  6. If you wear a dress/skirt/top with no leggings, it must come to the knee. If you wear a dress/skirt/top with leggings, it must meet length rule for shorts (see #8).
  7. No face painting or stick on tattoos – unless it is spirit day.
  8. All shorts must meet the fingertip test. This means that the shorts must be as long as the wearer’s longest finger when the arms are held properly by the side.
  9. If leggings are worn, a top that meets the length requirements for shorts (passes the fingertip test) must be worn.
  10. No spike jewelry, clothing, or wallet chains.
  11. Undergarments should not be visible.
  12. No pajama pants, pajama tops, or bedroom shoes may be worn (unless a school activity permits such garments).
  13. Gang affiliation clothing, accessories, styles will not be allowed to be worn at school.
  14. Blankets are not allowed at school.
  15. Hair must be clean and groomed in a style not disruptive to the learning environment.
  16. Pants, shorts, and/or skirts should be worn at the natural waist line. No sagging or showing of any undergarment or second layer of clothing including, but not limited to, gym shorts and boxer shorts.